1. Many installed water softeners over 10 years old are obsolete when compared to Culligan’s state-of-the art, high efficient, patented salt and water saving technology. Consumers are realizing up to 60% in salt savings alone, as well as savings in water and energy expenses.
  2. Home and business owners are looking for ways to improve the quality of drinking water for their family and employees. Culligan choices include the delivery of bottled water or plumbed in systems using filtration and reverse osmosis technology, and a wide variety of water dispensing equipment.
  3. Culligan is a company that offers all that a home owner or business needs for water treatment. Professional sales representatives, certified installation technicians, and highly trained service personnel are always available to serve.
  4. Consumers are looking for attractive purchase plans to meet their budget requirements. Culligan offers affordable Rental Service Plans, and flexible purchase options. The size of the household doesn’t matter, as Culligan designs solutions for each customers needs.
  5. Many consumers come to Culligan because the company that sold an original system is no longer in business. Culligan has been in business for over 60 years, and continues to lead the industry with an unmatched dealer organization and local dealer support in large munipalities and rural markets. Culligan is often asked to assess and repair other brands of systems, as well as deliver softener salt to homes and organizations such as schools, motels, and businesses.